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Market NO.1 (80%) in Taiwan Torch Market The mainland torch market has a high market share (over 50), with cases covering Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, and Sinochem Group The only Taiwanese enterprise to receive the HSE award from British B.P Petroleum Company Zhejiang Petrochemical 40 million ton refining and chemical integrated torch general contracting (one of the world's largest torch systems) Ningbo Zhongjin Aromatic Hydrocarbon 4000 tons+/hour Multipoint Ground Torch (World's Largest) Sichuan Petrochemical 50 tons/day hazardous waste treatment rotary kiln incinerator project Anhui Anqing Petrochemical Acrylonitrile Plant AOGC Incinerator Yanshan Petrochemical 39000Nm3/h Waste Gas RTO Incinerator Having various types of torch/incinerator performance
Establishment date  of Taiwan head office :March 17, 1970
Taiwan address: 10/F (Tower B, Far East World Centre ) 77 Section 1 Xintai Road No. 5, Xizhi, Taipei County, Taiwan Province Registered capital : NT$400 million (Approximately RMB 80 million)
2008 turnover : NT$1 billion (approximately RMB 200 million) Taiwan Taipei Office Phone :+886 22698-1577~9 Taiwan Mailiao Manufacturing Factory Tel :+886 56910877   Total number of permanent employees : 67 persons Qualification : Taiwan Province Grade A Environmental General Contracting Qualification, Taiwan Province Grade A Mechanical Processing Qualification, ISO 9001, ISO 14000 Establishment date of Shanghai office:15/10/2005 Shanghai address Room 1302, Tower 2, 2009 Jinshajiang Road, Putuo District, Shanghai Shanghai capital : RMB 40 million 2018 turnover : Approximately RMB 95 million Shanghai office phone :021-52376201/52376302/52376203 Qualification : Environmental Construction Contracting Level 3, General Taxpayer, Import and Export License, ISO 9001

Beijing Branch : Shanghai KenTex Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch Address: Room 1001, Unit A, No. 9 Fulin Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (Jinglong International) Tel:010-84922271 Public Works/Maintenance Center : Taiwan Dafa/Yanshan/Fujian/Ningbo/Huizhou/Sichuan
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Provide personalized and integrated water, solid waste, and new energy solutions for governments, enterprises, townships, and rural areas in various regions
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Worldrenowned industrial hazardous waste treatment systems, VOCs treatment systems, incineration systems, flare systems, sludge drying, EPC general contracting and operation companies
Ningbo Zhongjin
Ningbo Zhongjin, the world's largest aromatic multi-point ground torch
Zhejiang Zhoushan Petrochemical
The world's largest integrated refining and chemical torch system
Ningbo Zhongjin Petrochemical
The International Largest Multipoint Ground Torch
Anqing Petrochemical
The only operating acrylonitrile catalytic treatment system in China
Sichuan Petrochemical
The only continuously operating hazardous waste sludge treatment system in China
Sinopec Zhenhai, the first set of combined venting
Sinopec Zhenhai
The first domestic set of combined venting flare for re refining
Formosa Plastics Petrochemical
The world's largest ethylene cracking high-altitude+ground torch
CNOOC Daya Bay
The first domestic natural gas flare and waste gas recovery station
Taiwan Hazardous Waste Treatment Center
Shanghai Kaihong was established
Taiwan Formosa Plastics
The world's largest refinery with high-altitude and ground torches
Taiwan Kaihong was established
Development History
Industrial hazardous waste treatment system, VOCs treatment system, incineration system, flare system, sludge drying, EPC general contracting operation company

By using advanced high-tech and efficient methods, we completely solve the thorny problems of waste liquid, exhaust gas, and solid waste in petrochemical production factories, meet European and American environmental protection standards, and create an energy-saving, safe, and pollution-free clean environmen。

Address: 1801, Unit C, No. 9 Fulin Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China (Jinglong International Building)
Tel: 86-10-64907409/64907410
Fax: 86-10-84922271
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