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The world's tallest 170-meter-high three-barrel elevated flare The first giant ground flare system in mainland China
World-class oil refinery 40 million tons/year high altitude plus ground flare China's first natural gas receiving station elevated flare
The world's largest ethylene plant 1.5 million tons/year (full open 1.6 million tons) elevated/ground flare
The world's only LINDE CO. plant and BP HAC (acetic acid plant) four elevated flarees for highly toxic waste gas The world's only oil refinery/ethylene plant Active/chemical/oily and special sludge dryer

Zhejiang Zhoushan Base and Integrated flare Project

a height of 150m, Tower 2 # has a total of 2 flare heads with a height of 165m, Tower 3 # has a total of 6 flare heads with a height of 150m, and the ground flare processing capacity is 3 * 150t/h+1 * 180t/h
Zhejiang Petrochemical's Green Petrochemical Base in Zhoushan
The 40 million ton/year integrated refining and chemical project is located on Xiaoxiaoyushan Island and its surrounding reclamation areas in Daishan County, Zhoushan City.
The implementation of national strategies such as the "Yangtze River Economic Belt" and the "the Belt and Road" will be approved and approved by the Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission.
At present, the world's largest single industry investment project, with a total investment of RMB 173 billion in the first and second phases, is known as the largest investment project in the history of Chinese private enterprises.
Ningbo Zhongjin Petrochemical Open Ground Torch

The world's largest multi-point open ground torch, completed in 2013, has expanded its emissions to nearly 4000t/h
Sinopec Zhenhai Refining and Chemical High Altitude+Ground Torch Joint Operation

The high-priced torch is designed and manufactured with 6 torches in total, with a maximum discharge capacity of 1640t/h for a single torch,

The total height of the main torch is 168 meters.

Equipped with two enclosed ground torches, a single enclosed ground torch is designed with a processing capacity of (100+12) t/h, and its torch processing capacity and tower height reach the leading level in Asia.
Sichuan Refining and Chemical Solid Waste Incinerator

Hazardous waste treatment capacity of 50t/d, completed in 2014
CNOOC Taizhou Elevated Torch Projec
In 2014, the 15 day torch system with large displacement combustion remained unscathed 120M height detachable elevated torch 743300Nm3/h 128200Nm3/h 165500Nm3/h (acidic gas)
Ningbo Zhongjin Torch Gas Recovery System

20000Nm3 gas holder completed in 2013
Hainan Refining and Chemical Detachable Elevated Torch Project

Kaihong's first detachable elevated torch in China achieved a performance of 966t/h, with a height of 130m, and was completed and put into operation in 2013
Jiangsu Youjia Plant Protection Co., Ltd. Hazardous Waste Incineration Project
The waste liquid treatment capacity is 5000t/a+the solid waste treatment capacity is 20000t/a; Completed in August 2017 The incineration system is divided into two sets of incineration lines. Solid hazardous waste and low acid value waste liquid are treated using a rotary kiln process and include a steam recovery unit. High acid value waste liquid is incinerated using a vertical furnace process and includes a hydrochloric acid recovery unit. The main key equipment of the entire system is all imported, and the process adopts DCS system and SIS (BMS) safety interlock system that meets international standards to ensure the safe, stable, and efficient operation of the device

Plasma (high-temperature melting) device (cooperation between Kaihong and Chengda)

Formosa Plastics Xu Sodium Salt Incinerator

Dalian Dafa Waste Gas/Liquid Incinerator, Taiwan

Waste liquid treatment capacity 2t/h+waste gas treatment capacity 0.5t/h Completed and put into operation in 2010
Huizhou BPA waste gas and liquid incinerator

Processing capacity 160kg/h (tar) 780kg/h+2200kg/h Completed and put into operation in October 2007

Yanshan RTO Incinerator

The processing capacity of 39000Nm3/h waste gas was completed and put into operation in 2009

Anqing Acrylonitrile AOGC Incinerator (CO+SCR)

Completed in 2013, with a processing capacity of 75795.7Nm3/h
Yanshan BPA Incinerator

Processing capacity of 1050kg/h waste liquid, completed and put into operation in 2015
Jiangsu Youjia Plant Protection Co., Ltd. Hazardous Waste Incineration Project
The waste liquid treatment capacity is 5000t/a+the solid waste treatment capacity is 20000t/a; Completed in August 2017 Design load of solid waste incineration line: Production load: 20000 tons/year Operating time: 7200 hours Annual operating time Design service life: 20 years Treatment object: evaporated waste salt, biochemical sludge, and process residue; Process waste liquid with high halogen content Design process route: Solid waste feeding system (SMP system, Ram Feeder system)+rotary kiln+secondary combustion chamber+waste heat boiler (SNCR denitrification in the furnace)+evaporative quenching tower+bag filter+wet quenching tower+gas-liquid separation tower+alkali washing tower+tail gas purification tower+flue gas heat exchanger+SCR denitrification+chimney
Organic Silicon Industry - Xinjiang Hesheng Shihezi Hazardous Waste Treatment Project
Waste liquid+waste gas incineration treatment object: high halogen waste liquid+high silicon waste gas Process route: vertical waste liquid incinerator+SNCR denitrification+waste heat boiler+evaporative quenching tower+bag filter+graphite falling film absorption tower+primary hydrochloric acid absorption tower+secondary hydrochloric acid absorption tower+tertiary hydrochloric acid absorption+tail gas purification tower+activated carbon adsorption+flue gas whitening+chimney Design load: Production load: 500kg/h waste liquid+8000Nm3/h waste gas Operating time: Annual operating time 7200 hours Design service life: 20 years
Pharmaceutical Industry - Gansu Huashi Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Treatment object: Organic waste liquid (high in chlorine, fluorine, bromine, salt, and nitrogen) High concentration organic waste gas process route: waste liquid incinerator (incineration in liquid)+wet quenching cooler+high-energy venturi+alkali washing+tail gas purification+WESP+flue gas reheater+SCR+GGH+chimney Design load: Production load: 10t/d waste+2500Nm3 organic waste gas Operating time: Annual operating time 7200 hours Design service life: 20 years